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            BI Prime Finance 全民彩票苹果软件-03-13T12:18:06Z
            storm over new york wall street

            Big Law M&A work is evaporating as coronavirus spreads, but some firms are about to make bank. Here are the winners and losers.

            Some firms with big private-equity and restructuring practices will be better positioned to weather the storm, lawyers and consultants said.
            BI Prime Markets 全民彩票苹果软件-03-13T12:09:00Z
            jeremy siegel

            'One of the buying opportunities of a lifetime': Here's why Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel thinks the coronavirus-driven stock rout is laying the foundation for a massive bounce back

            "One very interesting fact — which even surprised me — China全民彩票苹果软件 is getting its epidemic well under control," said professor Siegel.
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-13T12:00:00Z
            coronavirus advice from top tech venture capitalists covid 19 4x3

            Silicon Valley's startups are facing the biggest crisis in a generation. Here's what venture capital investors are telling founders they need to do to survive.

            Top Silicon Valley investors have weathered downturns before. They said savvy startups can make it through coronavirus uncertainty, too.
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-13T11:40:37Z

            We asked Europe's top investors which insurance startups to watch in 全民彩票苹果软件. Here are the 10 they chose.

            Insurtech is a growing part of the financial services market as new companies look to disrupt the unwieldy and complicated world of insurance.
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T23:40:00Z

            'Eye-popping': A standout number in Amazon's financial report hints at growing momentum with the world's largest companies

            Amazon's performance obligations jumped 54% to a record $29.8 billion in its most recent quarter — but its growth could slow due to the coronavirus.
            BI Prime Enterprise 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T23:37:21Z

            Slack has seen a 'significant spike' in new users from the coronavirus, but says it's too early to tell if it will help its business

            Slack is seeing many new users for its free product amid the spike in remote work due to coronavirus, but its true growth comes from deals with large companies.
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T23:20:30Z

            Silicon Valley's most famous startup training program just scrapped its famous 'Demo Day' founder pitches and will instead make startups submit investor-friendly slides

            The slides will be available starting March 16, a full week earlier than planned, after the in-person event was canceled on Friday.
            BI Prime Enterprise 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T23:06:53Z

            Oracle CEO Safra Catz said it's 'business a usual' as the impact of the coronavirus on the tech giant remains unclear

            Oracle CEO Safra Catz said the pandemic's impact on its business is unclear and it's been largely 'business as usual.'
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T22:30:39Z

            Amazon is recommending all employees around the world work from 全民彩票苹果软件, but a lot of them can't actually do so

            Amazon is telling all employees globally who can work from 全民彩票苹果软件 to do so as coronavirus concerns grow.
            BI Prime Media 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T22:20:09Z

            Disney risks losing $1.5 billion in revenue if it's forced to close all US theme parks for 30 days, analysts forecast

            Disney is taking the rare step of closing Disneyland through the end of March due to the coronavirus pandemic.
            BI Prime Science 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T22:18:00Z

            'We've never moved at this speed before:' $120 billion pharma giant Eli Lilly just teamed up with a biotech startup to fight the coronavirus pandemic

            Eli Lilly and AbCellera will develop a coronavirus treatment in a new collaboration, hunting for an effective antibody treatment against the pandemic.
            BI Prime Advertising 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T22:09:09Z

            Read the memo holding company IPG just sent staff saying that it will keep all offices open amid coronavirus outbreak

            CEO Michael Roth wrote that all major business units have tested working from 全民彩票苹果软件 and he discouraged staff from attending large meetings.
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T21:02:26Z

            Leaked Tesla memo reveals what the company is doing about worker safety as coronavirus spreads

            Tesla just reopened its Shanghai factory. Now it has to deal with what the coronavirus will do to its factories in the US.
            BI Prime Media 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T20:58:00Z

            The TikTok metrics that influencers should pay attention to if they want to make money from brand sponsorship deals

            We spoke with an influencer talent manager and a digital agent about some of the metrics they see brands paying attention to in 全民彩票苹果软件 on TikTok.
            BI Prime Retail 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T20:46:00Z

            The coronavirus outbreak is pummeling the $2 billion sneaker resale market, from supply chain issues to declines in sales

            From fewer fakes to a drop in sales in China全民彩票苹果软件, here are the top five ways the coronavirus is impacting the sneaker resale market.
            BI Prime Sustainability 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T20:08:00Z

            Shuttered factories, tangled supply chains, and cratering demand: 8 experts told us how the coronavirus pandemic and oil price war are hitting clean energy

            The pandemic has stunted demand for clean energy and stalled production, but overall it's unlikely to alter the course of the energy transition.
            BI Prime Strategy 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T20:00:35Z

            I'm a brand strategy expert who reads 50 to 70 books every year. These are the 7 most essential books to read this year to grow your business.

            全民彩票苹果软件 growth is an obvious goal for business owners, but many don't know which questions to ask and how to build a framework for it.
            BI Prime Finance 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T19:38:00Z

            Real estate giant RE/MAX is fighting off a recruiting slump. Here are the tech tools it's betting will attract and keep more agents.

            RE/MAX's acquisitions of booj and First show the brokerage investing in machine-learning powered tech that values relationships over automation.
            BI Prime Sustainability 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T18:57:00Z

            The leading clean-energy research firm just slashed its outlook in response to the coronavirus pandemic, revealing that solar energy installations could decline for the first time in decades

            A leading research firm has slashed its projections for solar and wind installations for 全民彩票苹果软件 as the novel coronavirus drives an economic slowdown.
            BI Prime Enterprise 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T18:54:24Z

            Microsoft in internal memo offers paid leave to employees who can't work from 全民彩票苹果软件 while schools are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak

            Microsoft is offering paid leave to parents who can't work remotely as schools close across Washington state, Business Insider has learned.
            BI Prime Finance 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T18:43:00Z

            JPMorgan warns debt investors they could soon have to take possession of distressed assets as coronavirus rocks markets

            David Lebovitz, JPMorgan's global market strategist, said "you have a lot of first-time players" who haven't been lending during a economic downturn.
            BI Prime Science 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T18:42:00Z

            A buzzy cannabis startup that partners with local farmers in the Emerald Triangle is seeking to raise fresh cash from investors

            Flow Kana has raised $175 million to position itself as a centralized processing facility for cannabis growers in Northern California.
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T18:39:43Z

            A top VC firm is asking employees to log everywhere they go in case they catch the coronavirus, saying they have a 'moral responsibility' to stem the spread

            Lux Capital's managing partner Josh Wolfe says the VC firm has a moral obligation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
            BI Prime Strategy 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T18:38:45Z

            How an American bridal-dress brand is protecting its products and driving sales as the coronavirus outbreak deals a blow to the wedding industry

            East Meets Dress is mailing $75 sample-dress kits to brides who are afraid of leaving their 全民彩票苹果软件s because of the pandemic.
            BI Prime Media 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T18:35:00Z

            The same reasons investors bet big on esports make the billion-dollar industry especially vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic

            Esports draws strength from its global footprint, but the coronavirus outbreak is testing whether the industry can handle an international crisis.
            BI Prime Media 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T18:30:00Z

            The Netflix exec behind reality-TV hits like 'Cheer' and 'Love Is Blind' explains his approach to conquering the unscripted space — and what's next

            Netflix's Brandon Riegg, who oversees nonfiction series and comedy specials, is taking shots all over reality TV, from docs to dating shows.
            BI Prime Finance 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T18:11:22Z

            SigFig raised $120 million on the promise of reinventing investing, but hasn't announced a big partnership in years. Here's how it went from deals with UBS and Wells Fargo to struggling to compete.

            In interviews, a dozen sources describe the Silicon Valley startup's rise and recent struggles to compete in the crowded wealth-tech space.
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T17:51:12Z

            Coronavirus could stop in-person campaigning in the 全民彩票苹果软件 US election. It'll give Facebook, Google, and Twitter more power over American democracy than ever before.

            If COVID-19 continues into the summer, there may be no campaign rallies, town halls, or selfies. It'll all play out on Facebook and YouTube instead.
            BI Prime Advertising 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T17:40:00Z

            Kenneth Cole and Cole Haan are betting on voice-enabled search options. Stagwell Group just snapped up a buzzy startup to try and cash in.

            Headliner Labs creates chatbots and other mobile commerce tools for clients like Kenneth Cole and Saks Fifth Avenue.
            BI Prime Finance 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T17:39:38Z
            BI Prime Enterprise 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T17:34:20Z

            Amazon says the Pentagon's decision to award the $10 billion JEDI contract to Microsoft was 'incurably tainted' amid President Trump's feud with Jeff Bezos

            Amazon hit back at the Pentagon in its dispute over a $10 billion contract, saying the Pentagon refused to explain why it went to rival Microsoft.
            BI Prime Enterprise 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T17:22:00Z

            These two founders say they moved their startups from Amazon's cloud to Oracle's because of better, friendlier customer service

            These founders say that for all of Amazon's appeal to startups, Oracle was just a better fit for their businesses.
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T16:45:59Z

            TikTok is filled with dark jokes and conspiracies about a notorious child kidnapping case

            Madeleine McCann hasn't been seen since she disappeared from her parents' hotel room in 2007.
            BI Prime Markets 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T16:39:00Z
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T16:27:02Z

            Meet the 21 startups cofounded by women that reached unicorn status in 2019, hitting a valuation of $1 billion or more

            These women cofounded billion-dollar startups in everything from fashion, to office catering, to hardcore AI.
            BI Prime Enterprise 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T16:20:28Z

            Researchers say well-funded Chinese hackers have used coronavirus phishing emails to attack government agencies in neighboring Mongolia in search of information

            Researchers from Check Point cybersecurity say a well-funded and established group of hackers in China全民彩票苹果软件 are attacking neighboring Mongolia.
            BI Prime Enterprise 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T16:00:00Z

            $30 billion Atlassian is putting its acquisition of a popular app to work by launching a new 'no code' feature for its flagship product Jira

            Last October, Atlassian acquired Code Barrel, which built the app Automation for Jira. Now, these features are included in Atlassian's Jira software.
            BI Prime Markets 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:57:55Z

            Famed economist David Rosenberg called the housing bubble. Now he tells us why the oil-price war will be more damaging than the coronavirus — and outlines a scenario where stocks plunge another 13%.

            The market's plunge may be only half over, and the pain from a coronavirus/oil-shock recession might last for years, economist David Rosenberg said.
            BI Prime Strategy 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:48:00Z

            AI jobs are booming, and they're growing quickest in 5 low-cost states where you could live an amazing lifestyle

            Job seekers should consider moving to Colorado or Arizona, two of the states where ZipRecruiter found a 93% spike in AI postings from 2018 to 全民彩票苹果软件.
            BI Prime Media 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:41:32Z

            What influencers can learn about how to properly disclose sponsored posts from the FTC's $1 million settlement with an advertiser

            These are the key takeaways for influencers looking to avoid the ire of the FTC based on the agency's case against Teami.
            BI Prime Markets 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:38:06Z

            Goldman Sachs studied every bear market in stocks since 1835 — and concluded that 3 red flags make this coronavirus-driven one unlike any other in history

            The stock market's decline may persist because of these differences, Goldman's chief global equity strategist said.
            BI Prime Retail 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:37:30Z

            Godiva's CEO explains how the company's 75% female workplace achieved diversity without 'trying to hit a quota'

            "I'm not trying to hit a quota," Godiva's CEO said. "It is purely trying to make sure that you have the open slate."
            BI Prime Advertising 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:19:00Z

            How to get a job at global PR giant Weber Shandwick, according to recruiters and ex-employees

            They said the public relations agency values collaboration, so candidates should check their egos at the door.
            BI Prime Strategy 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:15:01Z

            A lawyer who paid off $215,000 in student loans in 4 years shares the exact budgeting strategy she used to track every dollar and become debt-free

            Cindy Zuniga says refinancing and creating a zero-based budget were two of the strategies that helped her pay off her loans.
            BI Prime Strategy 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:07:46Z

            Here's the exact coronavirus contingency plan every leader should create to keep their teams from panicking and build trust in a time of crisis

            COVID-19 has reached a global pandemic. An emergency contingency plan for your office can keep your team safe, calm, and productive.
            BI Prime Finance 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:06:00Z

            Business is booming for certain types of hedge funds as coronavirus rocks markets. These 6 have returned as much as 14% with bets focused on volatility and macro trends.

            Funds that have done well in the choppy markets of the last month include former Goldman Sachs partner Don Casturo's Quantix Commodities.
            BI Prime Advertising 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:03:00Z

            The 18 top public relations experts CEOs scramble to hire in a crisis

            It's been a crisis-filled time for companies and high-profile people, with activist investors, #MeToo issues, bankruptcies, and now, the coronavirus.
            BI Prime Tech 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T15:00:00Z

            They built and designed some of Apple's hottest devices, and now these two former Apple execs are building a startup for people who want a healthier relationship with technology

            Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri founded Humane in 2019 after discovering people's negative relationship with tech devices.
            BI Prime Advertising 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T14:55:00Z

            Aflac says it saved $16 million in advertising over three years by using its own staff, even as some in-house shops hit a wall

            Aflac Studios, its in-house arm that handles the majority of its B2B marketing, has grown to 30 people and handled 3,000 marketing projects.
            BI Prime Strategy 全民彩票苹果软件-03-12T14:51:00Z

            4 entrepreneurs with products stuck overseas reveal exactly how they're keeping sales thriving and revenue flowing as the coronavirus breaks global supply chains

            E-commerce brands are malleable: They can reach customers directly to communicate delays and change their business model with a few website updates.
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